by Isaac Mintah

Senator Danbaba Commends Appointment of Bawa As EFCC Boss, Says Bawa should Avoid Mistakes of Predecessors


Senator Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba from Sokoto South  Senatorial District at the National Assembly has commended the choice of Abdulrashid Bawa as the substantive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The Law Maker said that initially there were apprehension and misgivings about the appointment of Bawa as the EFCC chairman by President Muhammad Buhari but by the time, Bawa gave account of himself at the floor of the Senate, he convinced everyone that he is fit for the job .

Danbaba said,

After Bawa was through speaking no one at the Hollowed doubted the capacity of the young man to head the EFCC.

When asked what advice would he give Bawa, the Senate replied

” I would say that the appointment of this young man is in order but he should be mindful that previous chairman of the EFCC were disgraced out office.

“His immediate predecessor, Magu was not just sacked, but was also  arrested and uptill now, we don’t know the real offence of Magu. In view of this, I would ask Bawa what measures would he take to avoid the humiliation that his predecessors underwent .


He should also avoid the traps that was set by the enemies of EFCC.He should also be honest .

Secondly, he should not allow himself to be used by politicians to achieve their selfish aims just like his predecessor Ibrahim Magu

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