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5 Reasons Core Values Are Essential For A Great Employee Experience

by Isaac Mintah

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is acting as if their shared values are “nice to have” rather than an all-important necessity.

The truth is that shared values are vital to helping employees find purpose at work, leading to higher levels of employee well-being, motivation, retention, and performance.

1. Purpose

Research shows that employees who find meaning and purpose in their work are happier, healthier, and more productive. Employees with values aligned with their organizations have a purpose within their daily work.

2. Community.

Effective values provide an organization and its employees with a defined and understood identity of “who we are” and “what we stand for,” which helps create a sense of community. Shared values establish the foundation for employees to build trust and connection with their peers and the organization.

3. Consistency

When people trust that leaders and peers will act in alignment with the core values, especially during challenging situations, it increases engagement and performance.

4. Performance

When the organization’s values align with an employee’s values, it results in higher performance and employee engagement levels.

5. Motivation

Shared values increase motivation by creating a workplace culture built on principles that employees believe in, helping them find more fulfillment in their work.

Organizations that connect with employees and build community through a defined set of shared values create a culture where employees feel valued, connected, and capable of doing their best work.

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