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6 Things Girls Can Never Say “NO” To; Do You Have Them Especially Number 3 And 6

by Isaac Mintah
6 Things Girls Can Never Say "NO" To; Do You Have Them Especially Number 3 And 6

Let’s face it, there are some things in this world girls are just always going to love. Whether you like or not, there are few things they’ll never say no to.

Men are sure to take notes here because if you truly want to impress a girl then you’ll need to find some sort of way to incorporate things into your life.

When you do, you can almost bet you’ll become one of her favorite things. It takes more than just charm and good looks these days to keep a girl interested.

Read over the list below to learn 6 things girls can never resist.

1. Guys with accents

This is one of those things you kind of either has or doesn’t have. Don’t go around trying to fake an accent because it’s likely going to make you look foolish.

One accent most women can never get enough of is a Southern accent. Here are another tips guys – Use this to your full advantage anytime you’re traveling overseas and want to pick up some ladies.

2. Chivalry

The term chivalry is not dead still holds! While you might feel like being chivalrous is a bit cheesy, women do love it! She may act like she doesn’t really care if you open the door for her or stand up when she joins the dinner table, but she really does. There is something very respectable about chivalry and women always love it!

3. Getting Pampered

Women are extremely empathetic and tend to hold on to lots of emotions. Getting pampered with something like day at the spa allows time to relax and release emotions.

Treat your girl to some pampering every once in a while and watch her light up with happiness.

4. Shopping sales

Women tend to have a nice good sales. it makes them feel incredibly happy to get what they want at a discounted price. Instead of hassling your girl for buying something they don’t need, embrace their love for good sale.

Tell them what a good deal they got and you can’t believe they were able to find such a bargain. It’ll make them feel like shopping heroes.

5. Looking good in photos

Social media puts all kinds of pressure on women to look great in every single photo they take. They must look young and happy even when times might be tough. if she asks you to take a photo of (or with) her, expect to take multiples and make her feel good about it.

6. A confident man

Women often get accused of only wanting guys who are cocky or complete jerks. That isn’t necessarily because they have a bad taste in men, it’s that these men possess irresistible confidence.

Instead of being cocky, show some confidence, and be kind. That’s really it takes to have lots of women flocking towards you!

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