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According To Survey, Over 50% Of Ghanaians Are Obese

by Isaac Mintah

According to the nation’s first thorough analysis of obesity and lifestyle, as per Graphic.com.gh, more than 50% of Ghanaians are overweight or obese, and 85% of people don’t eat healthily.

The outcomes of the study carried out in Accra, Kumasi, and Tamale were not shocking given the troubling information on eating patterns and inactivity.

According to the WHO’s recommended intake of fruits and vegetables, the survey found that more than 50% of the population doesn’t exercise and that over 90% of people don’t eat healthily.

If unchecked, the study’s findings, according to public health experts, might pose serious health risks to millions of Ghanaians.

For the GSS’s study on obesity, more than 3,380 people in the three cities were interviewed.

When sampling and gathering data, the GSS took height and weight into account. The WHO suggests eating five 80-gram portions, or 400 grams, of fruits and vegetables each day.


Source: Mintah.net

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