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Alan John Kyerematen: NPP’s hope for 2024?

by Isaac Mintah

Alan John Kyerematen, Minister of Trade and Industry

Many are trying to give the impression that Alan John Kyerematen, “Alan cash”, is not a charismatic leader and hence do not march our modern kind of politics. Former president Kuffour wasn’t loud, yet was heard at every part of the globe for being meek and gentle. Blessed are the meek, they shall inherit the earth.

Apart from the group of people who wants a charismatic leader, there are far more many people who admire and cherish a humble and meek one. Jesus said: follow me for I am meek and holy. Jesus didn’t overcome the world with charismatic life, but rather with a humble and meek heart he won the world to his side.

We need leaders who are blameless with speech, in work and in conduct. Show me one word of Alan that you ever regretted hearing as an NPP faithful, and I will show you thousands of words that up to date some of our ceremonial leaders are still struggling many unconvincing times to defend.

I thought we were all told that Alan is still young, and can still face tommorow. We waited till today, to be told Danquah, Busia, Dombo tradition. When the name Alan nearly drove all the aged into hidden, we were persuaded into believing our humble jack could still be president if not that time.

Danquah, and Busia are matured, tried and tested for not once, not twice but more than four times to be our strongholds in our victory to elections. Eastern Region and for that matter gave us the assurance that they could also birth us a flag bearer, when they voted three consecutive times for NPP.

This Dombo tradition (North) is still growing to get our approval. The Dombo’s were missing when Danquah and Busia were going to polls in 1992 general elections, 1996, 2000, 2004, was a child in 2008, was still a child in 2012, started growing in 2016; is still at an adolescent stage and we must patiently allow Dombo (North) to grow to the level of Danquah and Busia.

The Alan wind has not seized, but was humbly and patiently waiting in the queue to serve at the right time. And now is the time.

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