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ANAMBRA ELECTION: PDP National Organizing Secretary tampering with list of Automatic Delegates

by Isaac Mintah

A coalition of Civil Society Organizations and concerned stakeholders monitoring the conducts of the primary election of the Peoples Democractic Party, PDP in Anambra state has in an open letter accused the PDP National Organizing Secretary, Col Austin Akobundu of undemocratic and unfair practices.

The group,Civil Society Commitee For Anambra Election, CISCAES, explained that Col Akobundu, contrary to his word tampered with the names of the Automatic Delegates by injecting fake names on the list

The coalition, further threatened to organise a massive protest of the list tampered with if not immediately reversed .
It could be recalled that the PDP National Working Commitee, NWC had yesterday adopted the use of Automatic Delegates for the primary

Here is the full details of CISCAES’s open letter


Promoting a peaceful and credible electoral process

Suite WW12 2nd Floor, Gate 4, East Pavilion, Tafawa Balewa Square, Race Course, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Tel: 08133977651.

Email: info@yotsnigeria.org, Website: www.yotsnigeria.org

June 25th, 2021


CISCAES is a security watchdog designed to promote a safe, peaceful and credible
electoral process for the forthcoming 2021 Anambra guber-poll. The core objective
behind the creation of CISCAES, is to checkmate existing or potential threats of violent conflicts, fraud, insecurity and other forms of illegalities by monitoring and reporting the unethical conducts of political parties, aspirants or candidates and their key stakeholders or supporters.

CISCAES had received with sadness, complaints of proven reports from various key
PDP stakeholders across several Local Governments of Anambra State, stating the
ugly reality of the unlawful adulteration of the list of the Automatic Delegates, assigned
to participate and vote in the Party’s Primary of Anambra PDP, being scheduled for
tomorrow 26th June, 2021, ahead of the forthcoming November guber-poll.

This is yet another fraudulent step, being taken by some corrupt members of the PDP,
both in Anambra State and in the Party’s Secretariat in Abuja, in the efforts to illegally
influence and pre-determine the outcome of the election in favour of their own preferred
“Aspirant”, which of course, is based on the financial gratification they have received
from the “Aspirant”.

This undemocratic practice is unacceptable; hence this letter is being written and presented to the general public, in protest against the Office of the
National Organizing Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, headed by Col.
Austine Akobundu (rtd).

On the honour of your Office, as the National Organizing
Secretary (NOS), CISCAES hereby request that the fake names be immediately
removed from the list.
I am sure you are aware of what is happening with the list. There is no way you can
claim ignorance of it. This time around, we won’t allow it happen, like it was with the last time

Furthermore, during the ad-hoc delegates primary, held last week. Col.Austine Akobundu (rtd), by this open
letter, you were indicted of conniving with corrupt stakeholders in Anambra State, to unjustly manipulate and adulterate the list of the Automatic Delegates, assigned to participate and vote in the Party’s Primary holding tomorrow 26th June, 2021.

Unless you remove the names, there will be a mass protest of the NGOs/CSOs under
CISCAES, against you and your Office for the obvious fraud, being perpetrated.
You promised me on several occasions, that the Primaries will be free, fair and credible. But those promises ended up as “mere empty words”, what a shame!

These pranks have got to stop now, save your name from the mud. Remove those
fraudulent names from the list because you know how the names were generated. I will
end this protest letter, by quoting the great Bob Marley, when he said “You can’t fool
some of the people all of the time”. This time around, we are not ready to be fooled.
(Comrade and Voice of the Masses)
Coordinator, Civil Society Committee for Anambra Election Security (CISCAES)

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