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Bagbin has brought high standards to Parliament’s speakership – Baccah

by Isaac Mintah
20210327 051449


Mr Daniel Baccah, a member of the Keta branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Volta Region has hailed Speaker Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, as the most outstanding in the lineage of Speakers of the Parliament of the Fourth Republic.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the performance of the Speaker so far, he said “We have all seen this in the way he stood up to Jubilee House over cuts in the budgetary allocations to the Legislature and the Judiciary.

“We have also seen the way he has so far been neutral to the interest of both his party, the NDC’s side of the House and the NPP’s side of the House; so much so that the NDC’s Communications Officer has accused him.”

According to him, Bagbin has so far lived up to the Speakership duty to fight for the ordinary Ghanaian. “If ever there was a Speaker who has been so effective and resourceful in such a short time – less than six months into office – we dare anybody to name him,” he said.

He added, “It is so refreshing and heartwarming that the most outstanding Speaker of the Fourth Republican Parliament is from the NDC, our great party. The high standards that Speaker Alban Bagbin is setting is to the pride and good name of us all Akatamansonians.”

He said Speaker Bagbin had since educated that he was the Speaker of Parliament, not a member of the Minority caucus and that even though he was NDC, his position demanded that he was neutral.

Mr Beccah advised those attacking the Speaker to put an end to it as it was unhealthy for democracy.

“As a party, our philosophy is one that demands fairness and firmness and there is no better ambassador of these in Parliament than the current Speaker. The tone he has set shows that the Executive is not going to have a walk in the park and at the same time Parliament is not going to be a hotbed of nation-wrecking politics. And this is what the NDC has always stood for.”

He reminded that the same Bagbin that was being accused as a traitor, was the same man who led the NDC in Parliament when the NDC was in the minority under the Kufuor regime. “If he did not sell his conscience as Minority Leader, is it now that he is Speaker that he will sell his conscience?” he asked.


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