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Check Out The Expensive Jet Purchased By Mcdan CEO

by Isaac Mintah

The Board Chairman of Ghana global alternate truthful employer and chief executive Officer(CEO) of McDan organization of groups, Daniel McKorley has secured a trendy personal jet for himself.

In step with Ghana’s most reliable on line portal, Mintah.Net, the tycoon CEO has purchaseh non-public private jet really worth tens of millions of greenbacks.

In a video shared by way of Prof. E. Kofi Abotsi, one among his allies on his Twitter manage, he extended a congratulatory message to the man for securing such an asset.

Based on Mintah.Net personal checks, a fee of a logo-new non-public jet levels from $three million to $90 million.

In 2019 ,the business man obtained the license to function and operate the government l for non-public jets in Ghana as a part of government’s attempt to trade the face of aviation in the Ghana.

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