by Isaac Mintah
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“I Rejected N864m”, Policeman ‘Who
Never Took Bribe’ Resigns Over Non-

CSP Francis Osagie Erhabor, the
policeman and divisional police officer
(DPO) in charge of ‘D’ division Itam in
Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state,
who is acclaimed to have never taken a
bribe since over 30 years in active
service, has resigned from the

Erhabor, who made headlines after
rejecting a whopping N864 million bribe,
was on December 10, 2020, at the
Sheraton Hotel and Towers, in Abuja,
during the 2020 IgbereTV Leadership
Excellence Awards named ‘Police officer
of the year’ after coming tops in the
nationwide online voting.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with
IGBERE TV on New Year day, 1st
January 2021, the police officer
lamented that he feels cheated by the
system, having been denied promotion
more than thrice despite all his efforts
and sacrifices for the police force and
the country.

His words: “I joined this noble
profession as a cadet inspector on the
2nd of April, 1990. I was 17 years plus
at the time. I was told by cerebral and
seasoned Police officers like AIG
Albasu, AIG Akagbosun, AIG Iyamabo,
and DIG Ugowe all retired, that the force
needed folks like me. Youths who were
patriotic and passionate.

“I loved and believed in this project
called Nigeria, and the profession, the
Nigeria Police was a great platform to
serve my fatherland. I sincerely believed
in this job, loved this job and sacrificed
so much for this job.

“Looking back, all I see is “nobody
cares”. Being cheated out of promotion
not once, twice or thrice. Served over
thirty years meritoriously and stainless
by God’s grace, and not honoured by the
system, instead have only enjoyed
promotion only 5 times. I thank God for
His grace, that insulated me for the past

On how he rejected N864m bribe, CSP
Erhabor said, “As a pipeline Commander
in Edo state, I turned down N6.5m
weekly; N24m monthly; N288m yearly,
and a whooping sum of N864 for the
3years I served as a commander.”
Asked if he regrets his actions, he said,
“I have no regrets for doing this.” “If
given the test again, I will repeat same
feat, without thinking twice, even though
some of my colleagues term me a fool,”
CSP Erhabor added.

“I even volunteered as an instructor, to
train Police Mobile Personnel at
Limakara, Gwoza, Borno State for over 3
years. Discharged my duty as an
instructor, in the most harshest and
difficult condition, without any
commendation reward, or promotion,
and today only for just working within
the corridors of power; or being able to
grease some palms or, as claimed,
being attacked because of # EndSARS ,
Juniors will just be promoted above their
superiors just like that.”

He said he feel hurt seeing his junior
police officers promoted over him,
insisting nothing had been done by the
Force despite the formal complaints
where he asked for the ratification of his

“I have witnessed my juniors get
promoted over me over and over again,
and it hurts deeply. I filed a complaint,
asked for ratification of my promotion
date, and was even investigated, with
the outcome verified in my favour, yet
nothing has been done to remedy the

‘I have wasted 30 years serving my
CSP Francis Erhabor said he feels he
has wasted 30 years of his precious
time serving his ‘fatherland’, in a police
profession he once believed to be a
“noble” one.
According to Erhabor, rather, the system
rewards mediocrity, nepotism, and all
other ignoble acts and care less about
those who tread on the path of dignity
and honour.

“This profession I once called a noble
one, doesn’t care about those of us who
tread the path of honour and dignity. I
once had a dream about the Nigeria
Police Force, becoming the people’s
force; the country’s pride. So sad, I no
longer believe in the system as a noble
one, but one were mediocrity, nepotism,
and all other ignoble acts are given
higher preference.

“I am sorry I let all my fans down. I am
deeply sorry for not finishing where you
all expected me to finish. Thanks for
your strong and relentless faith in me. I
remain forever grateful to you all,” CSP
Erhabor added.

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