Desist from money politics, activist blast Dokpesi, Says 2023 Presidency is for South

by Isaac Mintah
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On the 13th August, 2021; news reported by The Cable, an online news portal,  quoted Chief Raymond Dokpesi to have demanded that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should zone its 2023 presidential ticket to a Northern Candidate, as the only way the Party will stand a chance of producing the next President in 2023.

He also said that the The All Progressives Congress, APC is under moral obligation to cede its ticket to a Southern Presidential Candidate in 2023.

In his frank reaction, Comrade Kennedy Iyere, who is an internationally-acclaimed humanitarian activist, donor-fundraiser and social justice crusader, blasted Chief Dokpesi and advised him to desist from playing money-making politics, especially at this stage in life, where he has attained the age of 70.

He went further to point it out to Chief Dokpesi and the general public, that both the APC and PDP are strictly under moral obligation to zone their presidential tickets in 2023 to a Southern Candidate, stating that it is the turn of the Southern region to produce the next Nigerian President, following Buhari’s straight 8 years in Office, as a Northerner.

“It is a surprise that at age 70, Chief Dokpesi still cannot stand for what is right, just because of his appetite for money-making politics”, said Comrade Iyere.

He went further to accuse Chief Dokpesi of betraying his own people of the southern region by publicly staging a media coup against southern presidency in 2023.

“I am sure he is doing cheap media publicity for someone from the north, who may have promised, to yet again pay him some billions of Naira, as usual, for electoral media campaign in 2023. With such a huge promise, Chief Dokpesi opted to betray his moral conscience because of his inordinate appetite for financial gains. He is one of the crusaders for money politics since 1999.

He is obstructing the wheel of justice by his unpatriotic act of coming out openly to  defend 2023 northern presidency, being fully aware of the existing consensual agreement on rotational presidency, which invariably compels the need for  southern presidency in 2023, after Buhari’s straight 8 years,  as a president from the northern region”, those were the words of Comrade Iyere.

Those calling for northern presidency in 2023 do not mean well for Nigeria, whether they speak from the point of illusion, knowledge or ignorance, said Comrade Iyere. He went ahead to point out that such reckless demands will only further worsen the suspicion of the perceived attempt by the Fulani elites to renew their age-long political domination over the southern and middle belt regions.

“Unless there is political equality in place, Nigeria will never be united. Therefore, the need for 2023 southern presidency is non-negotiable. Over the past years, Chief Dokpesi has used money politics, as a tool for accumulating wealth, but now is the time for him and others like himself, to retire and stay out of the political arena”, said Comrade Iyere.

Comrade Kennedy Iyere, is the Coordinator of the Civil Society Committee for Anti-Fraud Election Security (CISCAES), an anti-corruption electoral integrity and democratic transition monitoring action committee, whose mandate is to compel the conduct of peaceful, transparent and credible elections in Nigeria.

“With CISCAES in place, elections in Nigeria, will not remain business as usual. Therefore, Chief Dokpesi and many others like him, must at this point, realize the fact that Nigeria has 18 political parties, not just APC and PDP. In 2023 the voting masses will decide who will be their President. Neither APC nor PDP will determine the winner of the 2023 presidential election but the voting public”, said Comrade Iyere.

Again, in his own words, Comrade Iyere asserts that “CISCAES will compel a peaceful, transparent and credible electoral process in Anambra State, in relation to its forthcoming 2021 guber-poll holding in November”. He also affirmed that CISCAES will fight to ensure that the ongoing electoral amendment bill shall be passed with the inclusion of electronic transmission of results.

“Those who believe there will be no electronic transmission of results in 2023, are only wasting their time. In weeks and months to come, CISCAES shall launch a red card campaign against the parliamentarians who are opposed to electronic transmission of results”, Comrade Iyere added.

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