Dorcas Affo-Toffey, MP For Jomoro on Heels To Fix Constituency Roads

by Isaac Mintah
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The Member of Parliament for Jomoro constituency in the Western Region Hon. Dorcas Toffey has met the management of Highways and feeder roads to discuss about about the current state of all contracted roads in the Constituency.

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With her effort to provide good roads network to her constituency,she has collaborate with the highways and feeder roads authorities to expand and extend the roads to other communities.

This was an effort to expedite the road construction process to relieve my people of the stress they go through when plying some of our roads.

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Hon. Dorcas Affo-Toffey, MP For Jomoro


The good news is, I have in addition made a conscious effort to collaborate financially and logistically with the aforementioned Authorities and other development partners to commence the construction and grading of some other roads which are not yet under contract” sighted by on her Facebook page.

Below are the roads to be constructed in her constituency.

1. Tikobo No.2 Junction to its township road to be constructed
(9km of Bitumen upgrade)
2. Nvellenu – Ebonloa (5km of bitumen upgrade)
3. Allowulley Junction – Allowulley road (1km of bitumen upgrade)
4. Ezinlibo – Bonyere road (1.7km of bitumen upgrade)
5. Ndumsuazo – Bonyere Links (2.3km of bitumen upgrade)
6. Half Assini – Newtown road (20.50km of bitumen upgrade) – This is under review.
7. Anwiafutu Jn – Kwabre road (7.2km of bitumen upgrade)
8. Takinta – Adusuazo (7.6 km of bitumen upgrade)
9. Tweakor – Navrongo road (length to be provided)

10. Samenye – Barrier to Half Assini road (Though ongoing, we are looking to expedite its construction because it is of a major concern).

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