Ekwunife,Ubah , Others Out To Destroy PDP, Coalition Raises Alarm

by Isaac Mintah
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Ekwunife, Pius Ayim Andy Ubah, others out to Sabotage PDP in Anambra,CISCAES warns

A coalition of groups under the name Civil Society Commitee For Anambra Election Security,
CISCAES has alerted the nation about the plot by Senator Uche Ekwunife to sabotage the People’s Democratic Party if she or her preferred candidates are imposed on the party.
According to the group, Ekwunife is working assiduously to make sure that statutory delegates from the 21 Local Government Areas in Areas are disqualified from in the primaries scheduled for 26th June 2021.

In an open letter signed by Comrade Kennedy Iyere,the coalition group further accused the Senator of unduly influencing selection of Ad-hoc delegates to her advantage .

According to the statement, Dr.Chris Uba , former Senate President, Pius Ayim Pius, Stellah Odua and Emeka Ihedioha are working in tandem with Uche Ekwunife and their over aim to scuttle the aspiration of Peter Obi who may likely be the Presidential flag bearer or running mate to whoever the PDP may elect to run for the 2023 Presidential election .

CISCAES further warned that Senator Ekwunife is a serial defector from one party to another and that her intentions in the PDP may not be dissimilar to her past habit of causing havoc and then defecting from one party to another .
According to the Coalition, Ekwunife had in time past, defected from the PDP to APC as a sitting Senator. She also defected to the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA at other times , the group warned .


The Full Statement



Promoting a peaceful and credible electoral process.

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Tel: 08133977651.

Email: info@yotsnigeria.org,

Website: www.yotsnigeria.org

June 24th, 2021


CISCAES is a security watchdog designed to promote a safe, peaceful and credible
electoral process for the forthcoming 2021 Anambra guber-poll.

The core objective behind the creation of CISCAES, is to checkmate existing or potential threats of violent
conflicts, fraud, insecurity and other forms of illegalities by monitoring and reporting the
unethical conducts of political parties, aspirants or candidates and their key
stakeholders or supporters.

CISCAES had received complaints of proven reports from various PDP statutory
delegates across the 21 Local Governments of Anambra State, affirming the fact that
Senator Uche Ekwunife and her supporters have been in jubilation mode since
yesterday, over the Court Judgement, delivered against the PDP but in favour of Chris
Ubah, who has engaged his Party (PDP), in a destructive intra-party legal battle.

According to the complainants, Senator Uche Ekwunife, is inarguably one of the strong
pillars behind the legal battle led by Chris Ubah against the PDP. The interest of Senator Ekwunife, is to disenfranchise statutory delegates from voting in the Primary,scheduled for the 26th June, 2021.

It is a widely known fact, that some key stakeholders of the PDP had earlier connived
with Senator Uche Ekwunife, to largely manipulate the process and results of the recently conducted Anambra PDP Ad-hoc Delegates Primary. Their intention is to disenfranchise the statutory delegates from voting in the “Primary”,knowing well that the ad-hoc delegates had been unfairly selected, in favour of Uche Ekwunife.

This attempt is not only crooked but also capable of instigating violent conflicts, and in view of these critical threats of violence and insecurity, CISCAES is writing to reveal the fact that Uche Ekwunife is a MOLE in PDP. She is a desperate politician who prioritizes her selfish political ambition above the peace, security and political stability of Anambra
State and Nigeria at large.She is unworthy to run for the post of a Governor!

Senator Ekwunife is not in support of a free, fair and credible PDP primary. This is the only way she believes she can manipulate her illusive victory. It is also the reason for
her ruthless and “do or die” approach.

This letter is meant to serve, a rather late reminder of the fact, that Senator Ekwunife is someone unworthy of trust and who must at this point in time, be stopped from doing further harms to the Party and the safety of the 2021 Anambra guber-poll. She is a MOLE, who is still loyal to her former Parties and capable of decamping any day from the PDP – please check out her antecedents.

If it was possible for Senator Ekwunife to get elected as PDP Governor, still she will dump the PDP and decamp to another.
Check out her political history, she had at one point, or the other, decamped from the PDP, APC and APGA. She decamped from the PDP as a sitting Senator – a word is enough for the wise!

For the peace, security and political stability of Anambra State and Nigeria at large,
PDP should at this point in time, realize the fact that Senator Uche Ekwunife is
someone, who is out to create setbacks for the Party in Anambra State.

She is aware she cannot be elected Governor by the people of Anambra State. But her aim is to destroy the chances of the PDP, thus assisting one of her former Parties to produce
the next Governor, and then she decamps from the PDP and have her automatic ticket
to the Senate under the new ruling Party.

She is currently vying under PDP to be elected Governor, yet she is secretly joining forces with Chris Ubah to destroy the Party’s chances of electoral victory, ahead of the 2021 guber-poll.

For all her allies, especially Emeka Ihedioha, Stella Oduah and Senator Anyim Pius
Anyim, you need to know at this time that “Anambra State” is not the National Assembly.
This your unpatriotic alliance is but a fight against Peter Obi, it is an attempt to destroy
the chances of Peter Obi , in his 2023 bid for Presidency, either as a Presidential or
Vice Presidential candidate.

It is left for Peter Obi to defend his future opportunity, else
he gets the shocker of his life. Uche Ekwunife will stand for Senator Anyim against
Peter Obi, when in 2023 they both declare interest to take a shot at the Presidency –
either as President or Vice President.

This is why Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, is all out to rig for Uche Ekwunife and had started with the Ad-hoc Primary conducted last week.

But he would only be working to assist either the APC or APGA, because the people of
Anambra State have said a big “NO” to Uche Ekwunife, she can’t be elected a Governor. It is an effort in futility! Election is not war but a peaceful process. Regards,

(Comrade and Voice of the Masses)
Coordinator, Civil Society Committee for Anambra Election Security (CISCAES)

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