G4S platform flags Afghan threats

G4S platform flags Afghan threats

An Afghanistan agreement is the latest international development to be picked up and evaluated by our Global Intelligence System.

Last month the Afghan government and the Taliban met in Qatar to agree a framework for peace negotiations within the country.

It marked a significant step forward after earlier talks had stalled in September, amid a backdrop of heightened violence as the Taliban continues to mount attacks against Afghan security forces ahead of US troops withdrawing from the central Asian country in early 2021.

“Negotiations are unlikely to yield significant progress in the short to medium-term,” explains Paulina Argudin, Head of Intelligence and Advisory Services, “as the Taliban seeks to increase its territorial control, in an attempt to strengthen its negotiating position.”

For people with an interest in the country, our security report into changes in the security environment in Afghanistan has given them a tool to track the threats posed by militancy in Afghanistan – despite peace hopes – and intelligence to inform their decision-making.

Eimear Hennessy, Risk Analyst, says: “In Kabul, the frequency of Taliban attacks remains heightened, with militants targeting government officials, activists and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), while Islamic State-Khorasan Province (IS-KP) has carried out several complex attacks in the capital and other cities.

“It all means that although there is a prospect for peace, our clients in Afghanistan need to be particularly wary at the current time.”

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