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Geo Wellington and Young Rob’s ‘Yenko’ goes up for nomination at the Ghana Music Awards UK 2021

by Isaac Mintah
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Accra, Thursday, July 29, 2021 – Geo Wellington is back on the showbiz front again, this time around for his recent nomination at the incoming Ghana Music Awards UK 2021. Released back in January of this year, ‘Yenko’ gained notoriety among disc jockeys in both Ghana and the United Kingdom, establishing itself as a song worthy of a ‘’UK-Based Afrobeat/Afro-Pop Song of the Year’’ nomination right away.

The collaborative piece goes up against the likes of 7 other equally stellar songs: ‘Ebony’ by Danny Lampo, ‘Too Bad’ by Jvmmie Jae, ‘Ghana Boi’ (Money On My Mind) by Drumz, ‘Gentle O’ by Ghetto Boy, ‘Party’ by Goldkay, ‘VIP’ by Reggie N Bollie and ‘Fall In Love’ by PendyLove, culminating in an unpredictable category.

According to Geo Wellington on his new nomination, he shared: ‘’Big thanks to everyone who has been supportive of what I do. My team and I are super excited about the nomination handed us, because the aim was to always create good music with exceptional replay value, which is what Young Rob and I achieved on ‘Yenko’. It’s tough being an independent artist however, so I’m really excited we garnered this much attention’’.

Young Rob added: ‘’It’s definitely a proud moment for me and I remember Geo sending me the song to work on. I instantly knew we had a hit on our hands, so to be nominated in such a category filled with some of the finest artists UK-based music has to offer is indeed an honour’’.

Organized by Alordia Promotions and West Coast UK, the awards seek to highlight and celebrate deserving Ghanaian artists living in Ghana and the UK as well as to facilitate an environment for collaboration and cultural exchange between them.

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