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Hard Work Will Get You RecIognition Not Nudity – Nana Ama MacBrown Fires Yaa Yaa

by Isaac Mintah

Nana Ama Mcbrown has advised Yaa Yaa to work even harder to get recognised after she ranted about how the industry sleeps on her talent.

In an interview with Naa Ashorkor on Asaase FM, Mcbrown explained that what Yaa Yaa needed to get the big break she deserves is to keep working hard.

The host of the United Showbiz show detailed that the advent of social media has changed the narrative and artistes today need more than just their talent to be recognised.

”During my time, there was nothing like social media. There were no platforms like that. So our talent came to play. People got to recognise us through our talent. In Yaa Yaa’s era, it will be hard to succeed on just your talent,” Nana Ama said.

Mcbrown added that although it would take a lot of time to erupt with just one’s talent and no controversy, it helps to build a solid brand.

However, the legendary actress expressed that Yaa Yaa should find a middle ground between keeping a ”clean” personality and doing what it takes to succeed in show business.

In Nana Ama’s opinion, Yaa Yaa should be open to compromise on her traditional values to do what it takes to excel as a musician.


Meanwhile, Yaa Yaa went on social media rant a few days ago over why her spectacular performance at the 3Music Awards Women’s Brunch was ignored by the media.

She named other artists like Worlasi and Cina Soul among others who in her opinion are sidelined in the industry because they do not subscribe to promoting their music with controversy.

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