HGN Commander General Commend State Commanders

by Isaac Mintah
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Ambassador Osatemehin Joshua, Commamder of Hunters Group of Nigeria,HGN has commended the state Comanders of Hunters Group of Nigeria.

He said,

We have people that have done well for the organization in various capacities that needs to be recognized.

You all know what happened to this organization last year.

We are where we are today  because of your gallant efforts and your support for the organization.

“Let use this opportunity to thank you and appreciate you once again our state commanders .

I pray that by the time, HGN is legalized, you will all stand to benefit .

He then charged then to be of good conducts and be professional while discharging their duties.

To you state Commanders, you are our eyes in the various commands. Let’s see ourselves as opportunists to lead this great opportunity.

When we started, people thought that is it a child’s play but with the coming in of people that matters  like you , we began to actualize our dreams.

We had a lot of success from the National Assembly.The first reading was done in July , 5 weeks later, the second reading was done as well and in no distance time, the last reading will be done .

we do get reports from the various information from the various States across the board .

We have told you that this is the amount that we do sell our membership forms but from the reports we get from various States, some states are selling it at exorbitant rate -N25000,N30000 .This is killing organization.

I don’t want to mention names but this is what killed some other organizations.

‘Money is good but good character is needed.Nelson Mandela is not the richest man when he was alive , but during his burial, you will discover that men and women of timber and calibre were at  his burial ceremony.

He further commended Kaduna , Nasarawa and Kogi state commands for doing  wonderful jobs .

He assured them that by the next meeting, the HGN would be passed by the National Assembly.

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