Hit And Run: Man Blocks Girlfriend After Having Affair With Her; Lady Cries Bitterly As She Seeks For What To Do


A young beautiful lady has been left confused and used by a guy after she had an affair with him.

According to the lady, the guy blocked her number the next day and she feels she has been used and dumped by the guy.

The lady identified @Bae_Tee on twitter said, she was shocked and surprised after she took her phone to send a good morning text to the man, only to find out he had blocked her number.

The frustrated and confused lady is seeking for answers for her questions on social media, as she does not know why the guy blocked her.

“I am hurt and have been sleeping the whole day,” the tweet read.


Some other social media users have given reasons why the guy possibly blocked her.

What do you think the guy blocked her they had a good time together the previous night.

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