Journalist Sentenced To Four Years Imprisonment Over COVID-19 Reports

by Isaac Mintah
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A court in China has revealed how a journalist by the name of Zhang Zhan was sentenced to four years imprisonment after her live broadcast of the virus in Wuhan a town in China.

According to reports, the former lawyer was said to have been arrested in May on the count of picking quarrels and provoking trouble” in her coverage of the chaotic initial stages of the outbreak says the Honk Kong Free Press.

Zhang who has a lot of fans who follow her page has had her fans demonstrating on the street calling for the release of their leader who they believe has not done anything to merit those harsh attitudes from the court.

The Journalist is said to have also decided to go on a hunger strike where she won’t eat or drink anything so as to make a point but she is forcefully fed by the use of a nasal tube.

One of the lawyers of the journalist whose name was identified as Ren Quanniu stated via a statement that the 37 years old journalist is now looking pale and has aged several decades more than her age.

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