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Mahama is the only option for us now – Ghanaians Charges

by Isaac Mintah
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Following the announcement by the governemnt to start paying spouses of the president official emoluments, a section of Ghanaians have reacted with disdain.

Former President Mahama’s name has dominated the online conversation as many Ghanaians speak so fondly about him and his administration.

Many are asserting that they voted for the NPP with the hope and belief that president Akufo-Addo would be a better alternative to Mr Mahama but they have realized their mistakes now.

In the leadup to the 2016 election, the NPP said although they have failed in some aspects of governance, Mahama was not the best alternative and charged Ghanaians to give them 4 more years.

Conversely, some Ghanaians are now saying Mahama is actually the only option Ghana has now as far as good governance, protection of the public purse and development of the nation are concerned.

These netizens shared various personal reasons why they believe Mahama is actually a better political leader than President Akufo-Addo.

Honesty wrote: I was a card-bearing member of Tescon. I personally offered transportation fares to people to come to Cape and vote NPP

And what foul thing did I not say about Mahama and the NDC? Too much, really

But you people, we criticise nɔɔ, ɛna “Nkranii gyimifoɔ” (that one was funny Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes)

EL wrote: During Mahama’s tenure everything was Mahama’s fault but now it is the citizens.

Kojo Bankz wrote: So you guys cannot criticize this government without mentioning NDC or Mahama? Smh

Finer wrote: Disappointed NPP guys will always say Mahama is not an option..
Mahama borrowed money buh at least we had physical infrastructure…
It’s stupidity that’s making people conclude that JM and Nana are all the same..

Kojo Founda wrote: Akuffo Addo mpo ein last term this ooo chale you guys shouldn’t think of voting for Mahama in 2024, like it would be better if we just asked the British people to bring back slavery.

Kojo Wud wrote: This time Mahama is an option

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