“Make she come die for Africa?” – Yemi Alade gives reason why Beyonce can not tour Nigeria

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade has given reason why popular singer, songwriter, producer and performer, Beyonce can not tour Africa.

Yemi Alade who is currently on a media tour for her recently released album titled “Empress” was questioned why Beyonce can’t tour Africa on Beat FM, Lagos. According to her, Beyonce cannot tour Nigeria because of the underdevelopment in this part of the world.


“There is no standard. If you’re working with someone like Beyonce, you need to bring the standard all the way. You wan make car jam her or make she just get an accident, the hospital no go fit treat her, we go con lose Beyonce for Africa. I think when we think certain things, we need to apply it to our reality.”

Recall that Yemi Alade’s track was featured in Beyonce’s “Lion King” album

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