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Malawi loses UK’s $5 billion Global Educational fund

by Isaac Mintah
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Malawi’s president, Lazarus Chakwera, has come under sharp criticism for bringing several family members to the Global Education Summit in the UK which ended on Thursday. 

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He denied that bringing his wife, daughter and son-in-law as part of his 10-person delegation to this week’s two-day virtual summit was nepotism. He said each delegate had a specific function and provided services that justified their presence.

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The UK had rejected Malawi’s proposed 61-person entourage to participate in the summit, which aimed to raise $5 billion to educate children across the developing world over the next five years. The president — a preacher turned politician — won power in 2020 on the promise to “clear the rubble” of corruption.

What do you think of President Chakwera bringing family members to the summit?

Credit: DW Africa

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