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MP’s would never pay their V8 car loans – Akua Donkor

by Isaac Mintah
akua donkor

Madam Akua Donkor has added her voice to the ongoing debate of the government decision to give Members of Parliament loans to buy V8 cars.

Earlier this week, finance minister Ken Ofori Atta tabled a proposal for a $28 million loan for all the 275 MPs to buy brand new V8 cars.

This has sparked uproar in the country with some people including the Members of Parliament speaking against the loan saying MPs can afford to buy their own cars.

Others are of the view that they(MPs) would pay back the money, they should be given the loan.

But Akua Donkor in an interview on KOFI TV has stated that the Members of Parliament are not going to pay back the loans as it been reported.

According to her, she knows them very well insisting that none of them is ever going to pay back the money for the cars.

She continued that instead of taking the money for them to buy cars, the money should rather be used in building classrooms, schools and provide other amenities for the citizens.

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