NIPS will boost Oil and Gas Sector in the country, Alhaji Bello



Chief Administive officer, Ministry of Petroleum Resources Abuja, Alhaji Umar Mohammed Bello has said the Nigerian International Petroleum Summit taking place currently in Abuja is an avenue for top players and stakeholders in the oil and gas industry all over the world to showcase how they case use their technological know-how to improve the oil and gas sector in the country .

Alhaji Bello was  speaking on the day 3 of the summit which is currently ongoing at the International Conference Centre in Abuja. He added that different companies and forms from across the world had gathered in Abuja for the past 3 days proffering solutions to problems confronting the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.


The NNPC official also revealed that the minister of petroleum along with top Government officials and staff of major oil firms across the country were also in attendance,” just to buttress the importance of the NIPS to the economy of the country.

He Further added that NIPS which is an annual event has helped to reshaped and geared the oil and gas industry in the country for better productivity.

Why responding to questions from press men, he called on the government and stakeholders to ensure that lessons learnt and technologies introduced during the summit are put into use.

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