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by Isaac Mintah
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Hajiya Ummi Nisah is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Nisah Palace,an Abuja based Vitamin Supplements Company.In this Interview with Journalists, she explains how personal ailment and vitamin therapy inspired her to establish a vitamin supplements company in Nigeria .The philanthropist and caregiver equally urges her customers and other Nigerians to always exercise their Civic responsibilities as citizens to vote during elections to choose the right Leaders at all tiers of Governance .She however , offered prayers for peace and harmony during this challenging period facing Nigeria. Excerpts:

What informed your decision to establish such gigantic vitamin supplements business company in Nigeria ?

There was a time I was very ill due to low immune system.So, I walked into a store in United States ,where I saw lots of vitamins and told them my immune system was low. I was asked to take B complex ,iron and other blood related drugs.They also asked me to take lots of iron related drugs to improve my blood .But I insisted,I needed something to boost my immune system and that was how they placed me on a particular Supplement products .

After taking them for two months ,I noticed that my immune system was balanced and everything was okay, my blood level became normal .So, I said if this be case, why not go fully into this business.I started with family ,Friends and advertised the products. I bought the products and gave them to try them. Thereafter, lots of them called to tell me that the supplements are extremely potent and good,especially those that have insomnia called to tell me after taking drugs ,they could sleep well, since they started using the drugs .They don’t need to take drugs to sleep anymore .Those that have high blood pressure . Of course, you know that lack of enough sleep triggers their BP level, but once they used the Supplements that calm nerves,they would be able to have sound sleep.Guess what, Lots of them came back to ask where to get the products .In fact , they suggested the idea of me getting and selling the products .I have been a supplement person for a very long time.That was how I got into supplements business .But before then,I went for a course in the medical line overseas to study about healthy living .

What kind of Supplements do you sell ?

I sell dietary Supplements, which helps to boost immune system, wellbeing and healthy life ,for example; during the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people came to realize the value of Supplements,such as Vitamin C and Zinc to boost their immune systems.Taking of Supplements will help patients with diabetes to produce insulin .We also have supplements that help slimming process; improve eating ability and several other health challenges . However, you won’t stop the recommended drugs given to you by Doctor .But with time, the recommended drugs should be reduced. We have lots in stock for our different categories of customers.We equally have fertility package that helps to boost fertility and sperm count levels.We have tommy tea, slimming tea and injection. You can see why Nisah Palace is One-Stop-Shop for all customers .

Why do you prefer that your customers use your vitamin products for their skin treatment and enhancement instead of creams?

Most of the creams have chemicals , though they are called organic. There are still chemicals in them .We have lots of organic creams in the market, but 60 per cent of them are mixed ,yet they call it organic.While we have about 40 per cent that are the real ones. Nigerians love to be lied to and that is why most of the sellers tell their customers the products are organic based and they expect to see magic.But when customers buy and use them for a while they don’t see or get expected results .Of course, you know anything organic takes gradual process to achieve the desired skin type .They are not toning creams ,they just help the user to glo , tone and bring that natural colour out .There is nothing that is organic that will make you white.
You see, customers buy such organic creams and after weeks, they start complaining about its ineffective Nature.The buyers usually are the ones that forced the organic vendors to start divising means means of adding up some bleaching chemicals ,such as ; hydroquinone into the process during manufacturing to make it active within seven days. No organic cream that can be active in seven days.

But for supplements ,we don’t give validity period for results.When I talked about glutathione ,which is something we need in our system .It is something that is already in our system. Our liver produces glutathione ,but it depreciates. and when this happens, there is need to get Supplement products to enhance it , because it is antibiotic, It removes toxins from the body and help your body to fight bacteria. It also helps those that had Cesarean Operation, surgical Operations and injuries to speed up healing process very fast. It also help immune system.But the side effect is that it lightens the user over time .But ,the glutathione make people fresh.
While the collagen that our body produces depreciates. You see young girls having pimples,because there is no enough collagen in their bodies to fight as age sets in over time. Collagen products are healthy and it shows in the skin, because once you have all the vitamins and necessary minerals in your body ,it will reflect on your skin . It’s what you take that reflects on your skin. There is a difference between someone, who uses vitamin supplements well and someone, who uses just cream. I am not stopping anyone from using cream . People can use moisturizers ,but they should ensure they get the original ones from the accredited organic vendors.
Supplements and use of good creams go hand in hand .I always advise my customers to make sure they get their creams from vendors ,who sell original products .

Who are the categories of people that can use your products ?

Our products have no boundary.We have products for children; adults ,men, women and aged parents.The products are manufactured for all categories of humanbeings.

What are the price range and how affordable are the products?

Price of our products varies depending on demand and quantity .We have products as low as six thousand Naira .There are even those from five to forty thousand Naira and above. We also have all the vitamins needed to boost immune system and sexual desire in both men and women.Lots of people are battling with urge problem, basically because we don’t eat balanced diet in this part of the continent. But we have the supplements to help men and women enjoy their partners.

Have your customers had cause to complain about any adverse effects due to use of your products or called to make testimonials about them?

Like I said earlier ,we ‘Sell value not Price’ .Anything our customers buy from Nisah Palace,they get the value for their Money. Lots of people come for consultation and advice on how best to take care of their skin and get the required attention and results .Within the last eight years that we started this business ,I will say over 70 per cent of our customers come back with good testimonies.

How do you rate your customer satisfaction?

Nisah Palace started eight years ago and I tried as much as possible to make my customers happy. I take my customers as friends with all consciousness that customer relations is very very important and that is why they keep coming and patronizing my products .I am doing the business with passion.There is a difference between when you are doing something with passion and for financial gains .I put in my best not just because, I want to make money out of it .It is the desire of every entrepreneur or business owner to make profit, but that for me, is secondary.I derive joy to see my customers use my products and call to thank me for recommending and Providing a one -stop-shop for getting a reliable and original vitamin supplements in Nigeria. I consider several factors ,for example;I always asked if a customer spends money to buy our products and get value for the money spent on the products? Iwant to thank my customers for the patronage.I also thank them for believing in me , because without them there is no Nisah Palace .They always give me that push to move on .

How many branches do you have ?

We have two branches, one in Kaduna at
Shop A14 Block A , A.A.M Neighborhood Centre ,20, Kasheem Ibrahim Road ,u/Rimi ,Kaduna and the other in Games Village located at:12th Street ,Zone 3,Games Village Estate,Abuja , Nigeria
I started from home and from home we had another branch .We had three branches altogether, but I shut one after the covid-19 pandemic lockdown .

As a successful entrepreneur ,what advice do you have for your customers and other Nigerians?

My message to my esteemed customers and other Nigerians is have faith in the Project Nigeria and keep praying for peace to reign. Let’s be focused and speak with one voice always. Our leaders should work to ensure that the unity of Nigeria is guaranteed via good governance and equitable distribution of resources. 2023 is around the corner and our votes should count.I expect Nigerians to come en masse during the general election periods and vote the right leaders across all tiers of government . Government can be held accountable only when citizens exercise their civic responsibilities by coming out to vote right leaders with reputation of hardwork and Will to deliver on people’s mandate and dividends of democracy.

The idea of talking on social media and when election comes ,you don’t vote is retrogressive .For all Nigerians to live in peace and harmony ,let’s be our brothers keeper and stay out of troubles.

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