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Not Every Beautiful and Successful Woman Is A Slayqueen

by Isaac Mintah
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Hajia 4Real is not happy people have the erroneous perception that every young successful and beautiful lady is being funded by a Papa No (a variant slang for sugar daddy).


In a conversation with celebrity blogger Zionfelix which was monitored by Blogger Ewereko Botwey ,Hajia said it’s disheartening when she constantly comes under scrutiny in that regard which she blames on the porous mindset of Ghanaians.

She maintained that there are several hardworking women like herself who are working their asses off to the top and not sleeping around with men to make it in life.

The mother of one who recently transitioned from an Instagram celeb into a songstress which she hopes to sustain by dropping banging tunes was spotted in an unnamed club having fun, punctuated by the bouncing of her buttocks.

Just then one guy emerged from nowhere and decided to grind her from behind but she gave him a stern look that stopped him in his tracks abrupt

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