NPP Leaders In Trouble As Grassroots Group Threatens To Destroy Party Offices In Kumasi Over Failed Campaign Promises


In our parts of the world it is common for a leader or a political party to neglect or forget the people who through their toils brought them into power.

Africa is filled many leaders and politicians to turn to forget the same people who helped them to attain certain positions in government or society.

This is the case of some aggrieved grassroots group supporters of the ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) who are planning to invade party offices in Kumasi over jobs.

Members of the Asanteman Nkosuo NPP Mpuntuo claim they spent their meager resources to campaign for the party in the 2020 general election with the hope of getting jobs in return.

Their agitation is to draw the attention of party leaders to satisfy their employment needs.

The identifiable groups in NPP are calling on the government to give them jobs, claiming their toils gave the party the opportunity to retain power.

They say a petition to the Presidency two months ago on their grievances was yet to receive any attention.

Leader of the group, Mohammed Issah Ababio, said they will soon troop to the party offices to demonstrate.

He said their petition for an expansion of the party’s electoral college has been widely embraced.

They, however, claim some constituency and regional executives are secretly registering and issuing party cards.

They want the party’s national leadership to investigation the allegation.

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