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Police embark on project to enforce discipline on the road

by Isaac Mintah

The Police have launched a project seeking to ensure strict adherence to motor traffic rules and regulations in the Ashanti Region.

Dubbed ‘Operation discipline on our roads,’ the project is in line with efforts by the Regional Police Command to minimize road accidents, resulting from indiscipline on the part of drivers, motor riders, pedestrians and passengers alike.

According to the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), the region records on average one death and 14 injuries daily in road accidents.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) David Agyemang Adjem, the acting Ashanti Regional Police Commander, launching the project, bemoaned the high level of disorderliness on the road.

A total of 581 road crashes were reported in Ashanti in the first quarter of this year alone, he said and warned drivers and motor riders to be careful in the discharge of their duties.

The Police Commander indicated that most accidents reported in the region were due to errors either on the part of drivers or motor riders.

“The flagrant disrespect for motor traffic rules is unacceptable,” he said, adding that the authorities were determined to deal ruthlessly with those who fell foul to the law.

On the use of cycle rickshaws (pragia) for commercial purposes, DCOP Agyemang Adjem warned that those means of transport operated under the motor traffic regulations.

Consequently, the users of cycle rickshaws are expected to pay attention to the existing laws binding their Operations.
DCOP Agyemang Adjem said the police would be working with the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) and other stakeholders for the successful implementation of the project.


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