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Police publicly strip Citi FM’s Umaru Sanda; dare him to go ‘moon court’

by Isaac Mintah

Umaru Sanda

The intimidation and threats on the life of journalists in Ghana is ending no time soon as the Police which is charged with the enforcement of the law are also involved in the act.

Citi FM Journalist Umaru Sanda Amadu is the latest to be publicly intimidated by some personnel of the Ghana Police Service.

The journalist in a live video shared on social media was seen to have been stopped by personnel of Ghana Police Service on Saturday, December 2, 2021, for a random search of his car for drugs and weapons.

The Police in the video were see searching every compartment of the car so they could find something to implicate him.

At a point, they literally stripped him publicly as one of them asked he takes off his shirt and other clothes to be thoroughly searched.

After a thorough search of the car and on him, Umaru Sanda Amadu made the police aware of his intentions to sue them because he has been verbally abused by one of the officers.

Peeved by claims of taking them to court, the Police Officer who saw nothing wrong with the search dares him to do his worse.

“You’ll go where? If you’ll go to court for police searching you, I don’t have a problem. My brother, you can go to the moon court for me searching you,” one of the Police officers was heard saying in an exchange with Umaru Sanda.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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