Portugal team joins Cristiano Ronaldo for Dinner

by Isaac Mintah
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Christiano Ronaldo and the Portugal squad

Portugal players join Cristiano Ronaldo for dinner and he reportedly picked up the bill.

Portugal had a 3-2 victory against Ghana in their opening game. This may have been the motive of Cristiano Ronaldo’s dinner. Cristiano Ronaldo organised the dinner at the recently opened Tatel de Doha restaurant for the Portuguese squad.

Ronaldo is trending because of his controversial penalty against Ghana Black stars in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Christiano Ronaldo and the Portugal squad

Ronaldo, as well as Tennis legend Rafael Nadal, are among partners at Mabel Hospitality, who own the restaurant.

He is said to have picked up the bill and the Portugal team were all smiles as they posed for a group photo.

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According to a close sources ,the secret behind the dinner was their victory against Ghana during their World opening Match.

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