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Prez Receives New French, Tanzania Envoys

by Isaac Mintah

President Akufo-Addo has received the letters of credence of the new French and Tanzania Ambassadors to Ghana.

They are Ambassadors Jules -Armand Aniambosou and Dr. Benson Alfred Bana representing the government and people of France and Tanzania in Ghana respectively.

During a short welcome deplomatic ceremony held at the Jubilee House, Ambassador Jules – Armand Aniambosou Indicated he was born in Benin but studied in France.

He further elated he returned to his motherland and served his country, France, on the African continent.

He disclosed that France was committed to support Ghana tackle the current economic challenges the country is faced with.

He assured Ghana can count on French support to overcome her prevailing setbacks.

Ghana President, Akufo-Addo welcomed the French Envoy to Ghana and promised him of every necessary support to make his tour of duty in Ghana a successful one.

He noted France and Ghana relations could be dated as far back over a century; with its cooperation on security, trade and commerce witnessing a steady rise over the many years the relationship has existed.

“The relations between our two countries are not today’s relationship, they go back centuries, I believe the first major contact is as far back as the 18th century.

“Since then, especially since our independence, we have had very fruitful and very strong relations with France and in recent time, that relationship has been even enhanced with the French President; Emmanuel Macron has visited and I myself have been to Paris on three or four occasions,” Akufo-Addo said.

He added that the major challenge facing the West African sub-region concurrently has been the raging threats of the terrorists; the violent extremists who are in the Sahel and systematically coming down towards the coast.

He acknowledged France has been very effective and committed in supporting Africa’s efforts in battling the menace and said, “We are looking forward to an even more fruitful period to the relations between our two countries.

“Your predecessor made a very big impact here in Ghana. I have no doubt that you a Beninoise/Ghanaian, will be more than able in feeling her shoes in promoting the relationship like she has done.”

Ambassador Alfred Bana said, “I also look forward to enhancing the collaboration that has existed for a long time between the University of Ghana, Legon and the University of Dares Salaam in teaching the Swahili language which is a language of the African people spoken by some 150 million people and is now a language of the African Union, Eastern African community and SADC.”

Nana Addo welcomed the new envoy home for his appointment, noting that Ghana’s relations with Tanzania date back to the period of colonial struggle and it is time for Ghana and Tanzania to step up their relations at all levels of cooperation.

“We have a long historical association and I think it has come to our turn to expand it and deepen those relations. I am looking forward hopefully that in your period, we will see that” President Akufo-Addo elected.

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