Stop sleeping around – Sharon Okpamen to colleagues


Nollywood actress, Sharon Okpamen has clearly stated that an actress can have a decent career in the movie world and succeed without any scandal if only she is principled enough to live a decent life.

Emphasizing on the importance of decorum by actresses, Sharon Okpamen advises her colleagues to stop sleeping around.

In an interview with Inside Nollywood, she said, “To be decent makes you an icon. An actress or any female celebrity should learn to close her legs because men will come in a different form.”
Speaking on her choice of men for marriage, the Edo State born thespian says she would go for an intelligent man who is also a fan of her Craft.


“l’ll prefer a man who will support me in my career. He has to have an intelligent mind also.”
Wondering what could have motivated Okpamen Enorese to grow from actress to producer and the kinds of movies that appeals to her as a producer?

Hear her: “As an actress I only do what I am asked to do, I don’t own or control the script. However, I have messages that I want to pass to the society and they can only be achieved as a producer. So, I needed to have to privilege to pass my message. I have produced more than 20 movies and I have lots count of how many movies I have featured in.”

Sharon Okpamen whose real name is Okpamen Enorese also expressed her views of cosmetic surgery. “Everybody has a choice, but I don’t subscribe to it. I like what God has endowed me with. I’m naturally endowed,”

Author: Ella Chioma

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