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Top Ghanaian Celebraties whose parents are pastors

by Isaac Mintah
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There are few Ghanaian celebrities whose parents are pastors and I bet you never thought of that, they are really shocking. Many people in the entertainment industry are seen in the faces of fans as evil because of their characters on set, their manners and more especially their fashion style. Should we jump to conclusion that easily?

Celebrities are just like us and they all have good hearts, sometimes their work just permits them to show some rude attitudes. Celebrities also have parents who are pastors just like us. Check out some Ghanaian celebrities whose parents are pastors gatherd by Mintah.net


Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson

She is an actress and a very important person in the entertainment industry. She’s among the list of beautiful Ghanaian actresses and she’s a multiple award-winning actress. She dynamic and prominent actress with attitude. Lydia Forson is a very respected actress in the country. She’s the daughter of Rev. Dr. Mathias Forson. Her dad is a pastor in a Methodist church.

Sister Derby And Wanlov

Breathe, are you that shocked? Sister Derby and her younger brother Wanlov are both diligent Ghanaian musicians. They have a lot of fans in the country and their lifestyle is too foreign to believe Sister Derby’s favourite outfit is the bikini. And her brother also goes out without boxer-shocks. Their Father is a very pastor and he’s Rev. James Owusu Bonsu.




Manifest is one of the most popular Ghanaian musicians in the country. He’s a top celebrity with a knack and he has a lot of fans in the country. He is one of the best Ghanaian rappers of the time. His mother is a pastor and she’s Rev. Priscilla Naana Nketia of International Gospel Church.

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