Water Quality In Ghana A Big Challenge– CWSA

by Isaac Mintah
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA); a water and sanitation advocacy group, Ing. Dr Worlanyo Kwadjo Siabi believes the quality of water in the country has become a very critical constraint.

He said the quality of water in Ghana is an issue, when he addressed the press on Sunday, December 11,2022.

Ing. Dr Siabi revealed his outfit’s observations in a recent studies, “there are very high unaccounted for water.”

He described it was a huge challenge as 50% of water is unaccounted for.

“We also noted that water quality is a problem in Ghana,” he added.

Engineer Dr Kwadjo Siabi said the study revealed about 95% of water sources in the country are obtained from groundwater.

He continued, “all the data that we have, suggests that about 30% of the groundwater that has high levels of iron, manganese, fluorides, arsenic and hardness, and all of these have health challenges.”

He lamented surface water sources have also deteriorated due to human activities in most river basins in Ghana.

Dr Worlanyo acknowledged, there are other challenges such as frequent breakdown of the water facilities and cited an instance of a water project which was completed in 2016 but broke down a year after completion.

He further revealed studies hold that there has been a huge accumulated electricity bill on community-managed water systems.

He summed accumulated water bill to a tune of 40 million Ghana cedis.

“The initial estimate we did was that a number of the water systems, when we put all the outstanding bills that they had with either ECG or VRA, we had over 40 million Ghana cedis.

“Other issues are misapplication of funds within communities, inadequate supervision by assemblies, technical and managerial capacity at community level, inadequate financing for post-construction activities to guarantee regular follow-ups etc,” he explained.

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