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Woman Becomes Millionaire For Having the Natural and Largest Breast in the world

by Isaac Mintah
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These large bosoms helped Annie Hawkins make piles of money by participating in the adult entertainment industry. This woman currently has 126k followers on social media.

Wearing a bra since she was 9

Hawkins said her breasts began to develop earlier than her classmates and continued to grow with no signs of stopping. By the time she was in third grade, her breasts had grown to the point where she had to wear an adult-sized bra.

In 1999, Annie was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the woman with the largest natural breasts in the world. Since then, this position of hers has not been defeated by any other competitor.

For more details, both of her breasts weigh 51kg, each of them is heavier than a 4-year-old child. While one side is 177.8 cm, the other measures 109.22 cm. Her bra size used to be 102 ZZZ.

However, she now has to order her own bra because the ones on the market don’t fit her bosoms.

Making money for her features

Sharing about being honored by Guinness, the woman said she was extremely proud to receive this title, although her breasts sometimes cause her back pain.


Annie Hawkins had her own media channels to market her breasts – and lots of people were willing to pay large sums to get a glimpse of the most massive human pillows in the world.

Her artist name is “Norma Stitz” and she describes herself as an entrepreneur and fetish model, according to Wikipedia.

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