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Woman narrates how her children ate their dead father’s head with beans [Video]

by Isaac Mintah

My children unknowingly ate their dead father’s head stuffed into a pot of beans, and since then they grew to be zombies.


This is the ‘tale’ a mother-of-four told some media persons who interviewed her on her survival skills in coping with her disabled children.


The unidentified woman shared the heartbreaking story of how she got home from the farm on that fateful day to discover rebels had attacked her husband.


She disclosed she found her husband decapitated and assumed the bandits carried his head away as trophy, but that assumption was crashed after her children took their lunch.


She told the media that when it was time to dish out her meal, the beans had turned red from the blood of her husband, and his decapitated head was inside the pot of beans.


“The children were too young and without knowing they ate the beans that had their father’s head, from that day they have never been the same age.


“They started having trauma. My daughter stopped talking, trembled, and could not make any move by herself while the son runs away sometimes to anywhere he finds.


“Before the attack, I told their father that the community had become insecure but the father did not want to leave the place. I left and went to live in the next house a distance away with the children.


“When we came in the morning to check on him, we found everything messed up and the door and windows had been broken,” she said in Kinyarwanda language.


Watch video below:


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