Yelutide; Muslim woman beautify Christian clergy’s house with Christmas tree to strengthening Christian-Muslim relation during the festivity.


Yelutide; Muslim woman beautify Christian clergy’s house with Christmas tree to strengthening Christian-Muslim relation during the festivity.

In an effort toward strengthening peaceful co-existance ,better understanding, love and sustaining religious tolerance between Muslims and Christian and other traditional believers in kaduna state north western Nigeria, A head of this year Christmas and new year celebration amid of Corona-virus pandemic ,and the returned of economic recession in Nigeria ,

A muslim woman and peace ambassador Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani had visited the house of Reverend dr Mobel james wuye,who is one of the most popular Christians cleric in northern part of Nigeria with one of the tallest Christmas tree with the aims of decorating the Clergy’s house,to promote peace and unity among Nigerians

According to her , Christmas provides an opportunity for Muslims to demonstrate to their Christian neighbours that Islam is a faith of peace and love and tolerance.

Ramatu, who is a specialist in peace and conflict prevention in Nigeria , said her aim “is to boost better understanding among different faith-based organizations and also use the season in spreading the message of love, peace, unity and togetherness between Muslims and Christians across the 36 states of Nigeria.

“I shared Christmas tree and donate food stuff to Christians every year to sthrenthening peace and unity between muslims and Christians during the festivity”

“Christmas provide an opportunity for Muslims to strengthening good relationship with their neighbor Christians and that is why she usually budget and save some amount of money to buy food and other materials to shared with her friends and family”

She said ”The reason for decorating the reverend house is also to beautify it with Tree and Light, wreaths, stocking, garment, ornament and the aims is to spread the message of peace and harmony

Adding that This is the 10th years of sharing Christmas trees to many Christians leaders in Nigeria and out-side the country.

She said every year ,she used to shared many Christmas trees to some Christian friends and scholars ,including widows and some orphanage children’s , in order to better understand each other and to promote the culture of Tolerance and better understanding among different faith base organization in the country

Stressing that some years back, ethno-religious political Crisis has causes serious damages and set-back to peace stability in the country,hence the need for both muslims and Christians to be their brothers keepers.

She said; “ every time she entered market to buys Christians tree with her Hijab,people keep woundering, what would a muslims woman got-to-do with Christmas tree, but sharing and helping people makes her happy every day”

“I observed that the Christmas tree is very vital to the life of every Christian all over the world, and that is why I bought it to decorate the reverend ’s house, as a sign of promoting unity, togetherness and to wish all Christians worldwide the best of the season and happy new year in advance, Mrs Tijjani said.

Ramatu who disclosed that Muslims and Christians are children of Adam and Eve who believe in One God and have holy books they believe in, urged people to support each other and live in peace and harmony.

She then called on wealthy Christians ,Christians association of Nigeria ,and other corporate organization to always remember to shared with the widows and orphans most especially during festivity like this

“for the past year,she has been donating foodstuff,new cloth wrappers for many Christians widows for Christmas and new year celebration”

Adding that despite the corona-virus pandemic,she is going to visit some internally displaced person and shared foodstuff to some Christian women and orphans in order to enabled them celebrate the season with joy and happiness like every other Christian while celebrate Christmas

While wishing Christian world wide merry Christmas, she said,she is going to shared some other Christmas tree to some Christians leaders that are residing in Christian-muslims communities like Barakallahu,Down-quarters,Kurmin mashi, Barnawa,Mando and other communities that promote Christians-muslims relations to poster peace and unity.

”we must forgive one another to make Nigeria a better place”

“we must join hands to make Nigeria great and be like how it used to be before”

Responding Reverend Dr james mobel wuye expressed satisfaction and said he is really happy with the Christmas Gift from Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani,

He said, the gift came to him as a shocked , as ne never though that a Muslim woman would bring a Christmas tree to his house to beautify the home.

Adding that this is the first time for him to received a Christmas tree from a muslim woman

The man of God said, God almighty would surely bless her for the kind gestured and for the humanitarian services she usually do in order to promote peace and unity in the country

“My family are really happy with the gift and I pray that May Almighty God bless her abundantly for choosing to come and beautify his house with Christmas trees

He then called on all Christians all over the world to obey NCDC protocol which include using face-mask, Hand globe, sanitizers and respecting the principles of social distancing , to avert spreading Corona-virus while calling on parent to equally monitor the movement of their kids during the festivity

The man of God ended by calling on Nigerians to equally pray for peace stability in the country while drawing the attention of muslims and Christians to pray for all Nigerian troops across the country on peace mission

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